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Celebrate the Month of Pride

Happy Pride!!!
This is the month of Pride (June) and the annual San Francisco Pride Week (6/19 – 6/25).  Millions of visitors from local and all over the world are coming to celebrate the Pride Parade, parties and festivals this weekend 6/23 – 6/25.   Let’s enjoy all the fun events with proud and love, and keep the city safe and clean at the same time.
Don’t forget to visit our store in Castro area while you are in San Francisco. We have all the outfits you need for the Pride events.
These are the schedule for the Pride Marches/Parade in San Francisco this weekend:
Friday, June 23rd
11 AM – 6 PM
Begins with a rally at Dolores Park and concludes at Turk and Taylor
Saturday, June 24th
5 PM (marchers are expected to arrive in the Castro area around 6pm – 7pm)
Begins at 18th and Dolores
Sunday, June 25th
Begins at 10:30 AM and concluding around 3:30 PM
Market and Beale Streets, up Market to 8th Street and Civic Center
Saturday, June 24, 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM
Sunday, June 25, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Civic Center Plaza
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 About Entour –

Entour is a men’s fashion store located in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro district.  Our shop has been around for more than 10 years and has evolved into a gay friendly and centered, fun and sexy fashion destination while in the Castro.  

ENTOUR is your one stop shopping experience, offering a wide selection of stylish clothing and accessories, for your everyday wear, from business casual working outfits, work out/gym outfits, to fun outfits for bar hopping and vacations.   We also have super sexy colorful underwear and swimwear.

We are constantly adding more exclusively chosen merchandise, as well as working with local and international designers/brands, to keep you one step ahead of fashion… so make sure to stop by and check us out often!  

Please note, our online presence is limited (though expanding) so what is available here is only a fraction of what we have in store.

We would love to see you soon!